commercial and professional

About the Project:


Three photoshoots were undertaken during the Commercial and Photography class. During the weeks of this class, concepts were produced and developed and photographs were taken of objects in situ, on location, and in the photography studio.


‘Forgotten’ found object photographed in situ and in studio. Flower began to decay by the time it was photographed in studio which added a macabre feeling to the fragile nature of the object and the bright, artificial feeling of the background.


Typology series of McDonald’s fast food. Highlighting the fake nature of the horrible fast food.


‘Burning House’. A spin on the typical idea of what one would take if their house was on fire. My vintage camera collection is my most prized possession so of course I would want to take that with me.

Demonstrated Skills:


  • digital photography
  • Adobe Lightroom – photo editing
  • concept development
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