pink herrings

book cover design

About the Project:


Damien W. Riggs is an Associate Professor in social work at Flinders University, an Australian Research Council Future Fellow, and a Lacanian psychotherapist in private practice. He is a member of the Australia Centre for Psychoanalysis and is the author of over 150 publications, including What about the Children! Masculinities, sexualities and hegemony (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010). Pink Herrings engages in a re-examination of six of Freud’s cases via Lacan’s account of sexuation.


The title plays on the idea of the 'red herring', and specifically refers to misreadings of sexuality. For the cover I used a very subtle adaptation of the Rubin Vase optical illusion as the fins of the herrings, swimming in an ocean of other indistinguishable fish.

Demonstrated Skills:


  • typography
  • illustration
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